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Summer News

Baby room – Our baby room is currently full and the babies have all settled in well. They are enjoying theor outings around Penarth and especially enjoy going down to the beach


Toddler room – They have enjoyed a wide range of activities from dressing up, singing, music and movement, outdoor activities and messy play. The toddlers are now very confident and ready to move into the next group


2-3 group – are all enjoying the warmer weather and looking forward to planting lots of fruit and vegetables. They are spending such a lot of time in our garden they are all worn out by the time they go home.


Pre school group – The children in the pre school group have made fantastic progress. They are underwriting and forming their cursive letters beautifully. Number work is excellent with the children working confidently with numbers to 10. We will be saying farewell to many of the children in this group at the end of the summer safe in the knowledge that they will be well prepared to deal with all the challenges of Reception.